Pastor Buyinza James Peter Pr. Buyinza James Peter
Executive Director
The ministry came about as a result of the founder Pastor Buyinza James Peter's life (Director) who became an orphan at the age of 6 years. This was as a result of the death of his father Ngobi Thomas who died in 1987 and he was a resident of Kasambira Buwanume, Buzaaya, Kamuli district in Eastern Uganda. At the age of 6 years, the boy remained under the care of a poor mother Mrs. Mirabu Namuganza Ngobi. The death of his father exposed him to huddles of life like child labor, failure to stay in school and basic needs of life were not affordable. His mother worked tirelessly in different activities like serving as a house maid so that her only son acquires education. Through her struggle, her only son acquired education upto Primary Teachers' College (PTC) level where he attained his profession in teaching.

Immediately after college, in 2005 he confessed Jesus Christ as his personal savior and in 2010 God called him to the Pastoral ministry. While in service he was able to reflect on his terror of childhood life and this is when the vision of loving and supporting vulnerable groups of people knocked at his heart which he shared with his wife Mrs. Buyinza Lillian Janet who supported the vision. The charity work started in 2010 when they adopted a total orphan who lost both his parents as a result of AIDS when he was still at his early age. His name is Kavule Jethro who was in primary Five by then (2010). This year 2014 he is in his Senior Two.

This was the beginning of charity work "THUS GLOBAL LIFE MISITRIES WAS BORN."