Our Objectives and Activities

Objective 1

To preach the gospel and Bible study to people through crusades, counseling services and planting of churches for the expansion of God’s kingdom


  • Teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance to the bible.
  • Providing Bibles, handouts, story books.
  • Outreaches (door to door, crusades, hospital ministry, school ministry and conferences)

Objective 2

To support Orphans, Windows, elderly and disabled people in social, physical, spiritual, economical and educational attainment.


  • To provide fees and scholastic material to OVCS.
  • To establish learning centers.
  • Child counseling
  • To provide home based care to families.
  • To provide basic needs to orphans, widows, elderly and people with disabilities.
  • To mobilize and encourage people to a saving culture.
  • To provide spiritual counseling.

Objective 3

To promote and protect respect for human rights and good governance.


  • To identify and provide possible solutions to the problems.
  • To raise up voices for the voiceless

Objective 4

To cooperate with government, NGOs, and other partners with a similar view.


  • To identify NGOS with a similar view
  • To share ideas with stakeholders
  • Mobilize resources together.

Objective 5

To carry out awareness about HIV/AIDS and life skills especially the youths and women through seminars, workshops and drama.


  • To carryout awareness about HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • HIV/AIDS, Counseling and guidance
  • Outreaches to schools, churches through music, dance and drama.
  • To provide care and support to the HIV/AIDS affected people.